It has been 2000 years since the Galactic Empire fell. The planet Meka, an old border world colonized on the edge of controlled space, has had no outside contact since the collapse, and tumbled into Dark Ages. This is: AFTER EMPIRE.
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Unlike previous games, everyone can choose their side. The factions are as follows:

Portland Empire: Strong but weakening, the Portland Empire centers itself around the old "Holy" spaceport cities of the Galactic Empire. Technologically advanced due to the number of relics they own, Portland favors warriors, historians, and scientists.

Abstergia: Portlands key rival in the north, they want the holy Port cities under their control. They are numerous and strong, prefering warriors, berserkers, survivalists, and battle mages. The mysterious Templar organization has heavy roots here.

Odessa: Recently pulling out of economic shambles, Odessa is out for blood. Hoping it will bring them properity, Odessa wants to recapture the rich Port cities for themselves. Odessian military agents are ruthless and cunning. They prefer the covert, spy, tactician and saboteur. The Syndicate crime circle is prevalent in Odessa.

Assassins Order: A secret underground organization trying to keep the peace by assassinating proponents of war and violence. Their main enemy is the Templars. They employ all forms of Covert.

Templars: Little is known about the Templars, save they want to unite Meka, willing or not, under their rule to return them to the stars. They prefer the warrior or historian.

Syndicate: One thing is on the Syndicate's mind: profit. They have no class preference.
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