It has been 2000 years since the Galactic Empire fell. The planet Meka, an old border world colonized on the edge of controlled space, has had no outside contact since the collapse, and tumbled into Dark Ages. This is: AFTER EMPIRE.
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 Background Story and Factions

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Background Story:

2000 years ago, the Galactic Empire, suffering from internal weakness, started to collapse. Meka, a smaller planet and one of the newest outer colony worlds, was one of the first to be cut out from the galactic trade routes of the receding Empire. Famine, war, and titanic power struggles followed for the next thousand years. These initial battles culminated with the use of nuclear weapons in approximately 700 'After-Empire', dramatically reducing the world population, destroying agricultural production, and eradicating most Galactic Empire records and technologies. Eventually, hope of reuniting with the Empire faded from reality to myth, and eventually became only the subject of Religion.

Eventually the society normalized and new civilizations started to emerge, building on the scattered remnants of Imperial technology. Old technology blended with new, and a haphazard industrial revolution started. New Empires emerged, and hope of returning to the stars rekindled. The old SpacePorts, filled with the old buildings from the Galactic Empire, became a Holy Land. Different Empires, hoping to capture the Holy Land, began a series of crusades to begin the Great Journey back home to the Empire.

Out of the following endless wars emerged the shadowy Templars. They hoped to bring Meka under their united rule, and journey towards stars. With use of rare, extremely powerful ancient Relics of Imperial technology, they are trying to forcefully take control of Meka. They have a strong presence in Abstergia, but their numbers, extent of their control, or even general plans are unknown. They are a true shadow organization with people in high places everywhere.
In a hope to counter the Templars, the Assassin's Order was formed. They combat the power-hungry Templars through assassinations. As little is known about them as is known of the Templars.

As the wars worsen, more have turned towards the hope that the year 2000 will hold something more. One thing is certain: change is in the air.


Portland Empire:

The Portland Empire has a slipping grasp on the Holy Lands: They are strong, but under siege on all sides. Pressed up against the Mekian Ocean, they are surrounded by Abstergia to the North East and Odessa to the South East. Portland is considered one of the most advanced civilizations on Meka, and possibly the single most powerful. However, the wars have significantly weakened this Empire. With no allies, Portland hopes the year 2000 will bring a gift from god.
Its capital city is Meka, the main Port City. [See map].
Portland is a Theocratic Oligarchy, ran by a small, select group of Religious leaders and an Emperor who has ran the kingdom since 1012 AE.

Odessan Kingdom:

The Odessan Kingdom, commonly referred to as Odessa, is Portland's South-East neighbor. While an industrial powerhouse, the population of Odessa is generally impoverished. Odessa is famous for its crime, and the underground Syndicate crime organization heavily influences the politics. It has been said the current king of Odessa is a Syndicate figurehead.
They fight their wars in a roundabout way, and commonly employ Syndicate Mercenaries as death squads to deploy on the front or behind enemy lines.
They are not allied with Abstergia, but combat between the two Empires is rare anywhere but on the front.


Located North-East of Portland, Abstergia is a new but violently growing Empire. Abstergia industrialized quickly over the past twenty years, and is ready to show its new-found muscle. They have declared a holy war on Portland, claiming the Port cities are rightfully theirs.
The employ warriors and berserkers, using brute force and overwhelming siege technology. Their equipment is crude, however, and generally inferior to Portland's.
Many fear the growing power of this new Empire, while others believe they could lead them back to space. The Templar organization is centered in Abstergia, though they are not officially recognized by the state.


A medium sized island of the Azul chain located several hundred miles off Portland's coast, Azzod is an advanced, resource rich island. While small, Azzod's technology has left the message that it should not be pushed around. They are generally isolationists and an Azzodian is rarely seen off the island.


A distant rural country located past the boarders of the Holy War, Colombia is a loose collection of city-states. While famous for its lawlessness and freelancers, the cities themselves are quite extremely hard on crime--its the space between that's untamed. The last civilization before the Radiation Zone and subject to raids from the Badlands, Colombia is a harsh environment.


The Syndicate:

The most advanced example of organized crime on Meka, the Syndicate is powerful, and everywhere. Their most powerful foothold is Odessa, though Syndicate fronts can be found in any country.
They can provide any service or information, for a price.

Assassins Order:
A secretative order, the Assassins seek to illuminate Meka's past and to rejoin the stars. Their main enemy, the Templars, have similar goal, but also seek to control and dominate Meka. The Assassin's prefer only to seek the truth of the past without dominating or controlling the people. They use covert means, namely sabotage, assassination, corruption, and spy work, in order to achieve their goals. Little else is known, and many fear the Assassins as they do not understand either their methods or their aims. Their motto: "Work in the dark to serve the light."

The Templars:
A mysterious organization, the Templars wish to regain the power of the past, to dominate and rule the present. They actively search and fight for lost relics and knowledge, seeking to gain the advantage, and to regain space travel. They operate with stealth, and more brutal direct methods, to intimidate and achieve their aims.
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Background Story and Factions
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