It has been 2000 years since the Galactic Empire fell. The planet Meka, an old border world colonized on the edge of controlled space, has had no outside contact since the collapse, and tumbled into Dark Ages. This is: AFTER EMPIRE.
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 Application Example: Application for Jakob Sokolov

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Jakob Sokolov
Jakob Sokolov

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Application Example: Application for Jakob Sokolov  Empty
PostSubject: Application Example: Application for Jakob Sokolov    Application Example: Application for Jakob Sokolov  EmptyTue Dec 21, 2010 7:36 pm

Player: Devin

Name: Jakob Sokolov

Faction: None

Age: 21 (Born 1979 AE)

Gender: Male

Class: Survivalist

Occupation: Former Commando, Vigilante

Jakob Sokolov, codename -------, was a former Abstergian Commando stationed on the Battle Dirigible ABD Vaticaan. Jakob enlisted 18, and moved into the commando branches of the Abstergian Army. He was an honorable solider that fought with distinction for his country, and gained some notoriety during the siege of Damascus.
During the early stages of the siege of Galt, Sokolov and his crew received a high priority mission: an important artifact was behind enemy lines, and was not to be damaged or removed by the Portland Empire. A Templar accompanied them on the mission. The team successfully captured the artifact, but the Templar turned on the squad to cover his tracks. All but Jakob were killed, but he managed to kill the Templar and escape, and destroyed the artifact with a large explosion.
Angered by the betrayal and the loss of his friends, he retreated to Colombia and the edge of the Radiation Zone, fashioning a Hazmat suit out of his badly damaged battle armor and spare parts he could find. There, he found out how much he had been indoctrinated by the Abstergian Military. He now makes a living as a mercenary and vigilante across the Badlands, though exposing the Templars is never far from his mind.

Extra information:
Listed as KIA in by Abstergia.
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Application Example: Application for Jakob Sokolov
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