It has been 2000 years since the Galactic Empire fell. The planet Meka, an old border world colonized on the edge of controlled space, has had no outside contact since the collapse, and tumbled into Dark Ages. This is: AFTER EMPIRE.
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Base classes to choose from (These are the ones you choose from for your application):

A pure fighting class, the warrior studies direct combat of various forms. Best on the battlefield in direct combat, the warrior is strong and capable.

Studier of more obscure arts, the Covert does not play fair. Breaking and entering, assassination, and stealth are the coverts assests.

The Historian studies the lost texts of the Galactic Empire, and utilizes ancient relics. This gives them a command of near magical abilities.

Command of money, resources, and others. They lead, others follow. The draw backs of the tradesman is low combat training.

Utilizes and creates modern technology. Plasma weapons, lasers, shields, and vehicles can be created and/or utilized by the Scientist.

The survivalist is the adaptive one man army. They utilize all forms of weapons and tools in dirty combat. The base survivalist is a jack of all trades and master of some. Ranged weapons are their leanings.
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Class Information
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